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Our Kefir, guarantee of quality with food hygiene monitoring, the most economic and natural way to take probiotics

Not all kefir or yoghurt cultures are same, the difference is invisible but very important, the quantity, activity, diversity and the types of probiotic microorganisms are the most important factors that have a visible effect on health.


Kefiralia. Take care of yourself from the inside naturally...

Kefiralia is a brand created by and for natural food enthusiasts. Our goal is straightforward, to bring the more traditional and healthy food closer to everyone. Industrial processes, marketing and profit margins dominate our supermarkets, we propose a new approach based on the more traditional and natural cuisine, the production of home-made fermented foods. We are excited about the prospect of introducing you to this fascinating world, so... Enjoy!

  1. 1 40g Milk Kefir Grains

    40g Milk Kefir Grains

    Regular Price: €28.90

    Special Price €22.95

  2. 2 100g Water Kefir Grains

    100g Water Kefir Grains

    Regular Price: €28.90

    Special Price €22.95

  3. 3 Special non-metallic strainer for Kefir

    Special non-metallic strainer for Kefir

    Regular Price: €6.95

    Special Price €4.95