Kefiralia - About us?

We are a food production company made up of young people from various engineering fields. Our intention is to inform about various types of healthy and little known foods such as kefir or kombucha to our customers. Many of these cultures have been transmitted from individual to individual and this method not always guarantees an excellent quality, we have committed ourselves to offer it and to do this, we use the latest technological means, while respecting the traditional form of culture. We are convinced that our products can help a lot of people and this website is in line with our effort to make them popular so that there is more awareness about them. We are extremely excited about this adventure!

Kefiralia is a trademark of Burumart Commerce S.L., a company with registered office at calle Oben Erreka 1, 2º A, 20500 Arrasate, Gipuzkoa, registered in the Companies Register of Gipuzkoa, volume 2565 - book 0 - folio 145 - sheet SS-34595 with Tax ID No. B-75070599 and with sanitary registration number 31.003004/SS on manufacturing, transformation and processing of enzymes. To view it on AECOSAN website click here,enter the sanitary registration number or the company name.